The Best League of Legends Bot

  • Levels Accounts to 30 in 1 week!
  • LolClientless
  • Multi Session Support
  • Disable GPU Rendering
  • Casts Spells
  • Buys Items
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The fastest way to to level your accounts in League of Legends Check out our features and options.

Even more features!

  • Works in VMWare.
  • Auto updates to latest FulcrumBot version.
  • Leave buster compatible.
  • Dodge timer compatible.
  • Selects summoner spells.
  • Prioritizes objectives.
  • Reconnect on disconnect.
  • Supported Regions:
    BR, EUN, JP, KR, LAN, LAS, NA, RU, TR.
  • Stop after # hours.
  • Resume after # hours.
  • Hide League of Legends.
  • FulcrumBot as TopMost window.
  • Run Local Web Stats Server.

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