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      Key Randomizer Update #1   05/24/2017

      Update #1: Fixed a bug where keys were not being randomized after the initial randomization. I have recently received several requests for key changes. So instead of always doing it manually, I have implemented a way for users to do it themselves. http://fulcrumbot.com/key_randomizer.php  
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      Updated to   11/21/2017

      Updated to
      Make sure your League of Legends is up to date.
      Restart FulcrumBot.exe to download the latest version, or
      You may download the latest version at http://fulcrumbot.com/Latest/FulcrumBot.exe

VMware Detection

This announcement is no longer active


All previous attempts of editing the registry and memory writing to LOL have failed to spoof VMware information.

I am currently working on a LOL patcher to spoof VMware information.
I should have it complete by Sunday if not sooner.

In the mean time, use your host operating system (hopefully Windows 7).