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      Key Randomizer Update #1   05/24/2017

      Update #1: Fixed a bug where keys were not being randomized after the initial randomization. I have recently received several requests for key changes. So instead of always doing it manually, I have implemented a way for users to do it themselves. http://fulcrumbot.com/key_randomizer.php  
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      [WARNING] Beware License Resellers   01/18/2018

      Do not buy licenses from other users. You WILL be scammed.
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      OUTDATED 8.12!!   06/06/2018


About This File

Bitwar Data Recovery Software fully compatible with windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, the software specialized in recovering docs, photo, video, music and archive. It offers easy 3 steps mode to recover lost or deleted files from SD card, memory stick, PC/Mac, hard drive, camera storage mediums, USB drive and Recycle Bin etc.

With the latest data recovery algorithm, Bitwar Data Recovery has the ability to support accidental deletion recovery, format recovery and raw recovery.

We guarantee 100% safe & complete recovery process with following key features:

1) Read only recovery: Read only the existing files on the storage and do not "Fix" or "Modify" any of the data has been found.

2) Easy 3 steps recovery from "Select device or partition" to "Select file types" to "Recover".

3) Powerful scan mode that offers "Fast Scan", "Deep Scan" and "Formatted Recovery".

4) Supports to recover any of the file types.

5) Fast scanning speed and powerful preview before recovery mode.

6) Freely pause & stop Scan process.

7) Balloon tooltips before your operation to show how to do step by step.

8) Powerful search & filter function: Search by file name or filter the results by various conditions.

9) Allow export & import the scan results for later use.

10) Multiple File selection function.