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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends Happy Holidays during this festive season. Health and happiness to all. We have a very caring community here which enjoys educating others. We all come from very different cultural backgrounds which makes this fourm even more special! Thank you. " Peace on Earth " Please feel free to use this thread to post Holiday wishs to your friends!
  2. What warranty are u giving?
  3. Update Lol and Fulcrum.
  4. Template. So everyone learns!
  5. Excellent job. Thanks!
  6. Why do you have a problem with your internet?
  7. Hi, I thought this would be of interest to the community! "My VPS service experience". We all want to make money! Day 1. I have contacted my provider and we have agreed on the service. Intel i7-4790k @ 4.0GHz, 2 Core and 8 GB of RAM + 60 GB of SSD Space, and a 1GBit network shared The provider is now in the process of configuring my system for Lol. Standby for the next update. Cheers!
  8. I agree with eyesore! Febiven tell us what you got. Or are you just ranting!
  9. And I liked it because JustMeow is happy
  10. Lock and load Fulcrum is updated!
  11. Batten down the hatches mates! Depending on your server the Patch has started...... Ladies and gentlemen Ban Wave to follow......
  12. Has anyone started to shut down bots for the Patch?
  13. You both make excellent points! How do they determine which accounts to flag for banning. And cOnsole you are not lucky. I beleive your preventative measures have kept your ban rate low.....