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      Key Randomizer Update #1   05/24/2017

      Update #1: Fixed a bug where keys were not being randomized after the initial randomization. I have recently received several requests for key changes. So instead of always doing it manually, I have implemented a way for users to do it themselves. http://fulcrumbot.com/key_randomizer.php  
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      Updated to
      Make sure your League of Legends is up to date.
      Restart FulcrumBot.exe to download the latest version, or
      You may download the latest version at http://fulcrumbot.com/Latest/FulcrumBot.exe


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  1. A pm here should be enough, but it takes a while for him to read it.
  2. 30k EUW for 8€ LMAO
  3. Yeah, good luck running a high performance neural network on your PC in realtime. You wouldnt be able to run a single bot with that AI on your hardware
  4. SLC Checker works
  5. Its updated now
  6. You need to contact NordVPN about that
  7. Change your network mode in the vm settings if your internet isnt working in the vm.
  8. Also, an SSD is advisable to for storing your VMs, since a HDD will cause very long loading times once you run more than about 5 bots (especially with laptop HDDs, they have much worse performance than 3.5 inch desktop drives)
  9. Depends on the cpu of that laptop (i5 isnt enough info), but I wouldnt recommend botting on a laptop since they arent designed to be on full load for longer periods of time, even if you remove the battery and run them off the wall. Your internet connection shouldnt be affected, botting doesnt take a lot of bandwidth. The worst thing that could happen is that your router gets overloaded because of too many packets, but that should only happen if you run 100+ bots and only if you have a bad router.
  10. That PC can run 10 bots without a problem. If you want to run them on the host OS I strongly encourage you to use Windows 7, if you want to run VMs you can keep Windows 10 as your host OS. For setting up a vm you can use this tutorial: I would recommend setting up 2 VMs with 5 bots each (you could even do up to 4 VMs with 5 bots each if you want, but that would require more than 16gb ram) To run 5 bots in a vm you will need to assign one core and about 5-6 gb of ram to the vm
  11. Banrate is very high right now. If you only want to run 10 bots you dont need a server, you can run more than that on pretty much every PC as long as you have enough RAM (even my 10 year old PC is able to run 10 bots after upgrading the RAM to 16gb)
  12. Remember that there is a free trial on every sunday where you can test the bot.
  13. Indeed, SLC is updated (but it doesnt show lpq) Edit: Shows lpq now
  14. Its not updated for the new login protocol, and there are currently no news if it will ever get updated to support it
  15. Considering that almost no one has any accounts left, 19.95 is a very reasonable price.