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  1. Hey, so i bought half a year ago some used Fulcrum Keys. But now i have the problem that i get the error "This Key is already in Use". So i think the original Owner start to use them again or sold the same key more times. How can i change the key or atleast to ban the key so nobody can use it.
  2. Well my releases is but i also puted the exe in the deploy folder and it didnt work
  3. I tried to downgrade to the older exe and it didnt work. I have put the exe in here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\league_client_sln\releases\\deploy but somehow its not working ://
  4. Im just posting my expirience here on this Forum nothing else. Well and you are wondering you getting banned if you bot 500-1000 accounts? I think that is normaly if you bot that many at same time
  5. Well then i dont know what you guys are doing wrong because as i said. Not one single account got banned.
  6. I have botted round 30 Accounts with this Fulcrum Bot. All accounts where old Referral lvl 10 accounts and till today none got banned. I dont know what the fuck your guys problem is but if you are using 25vms and not using a VPN then dont be afraid getting banned. But i still cant really understand your guys problem. I got 3 Vms running without any Ban since 1 Year + using this bot. BTW THANK YOU FULCRUM