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  1. Yeah tell the Lawyer you are botting accounts which is against the tos of a big Company haha
  2. no, its an aram bot
  3. it is always good to post stuff before browsing the forums. Thread Closed, next time think, read, think again and then post
  4. The acc creator works perfect with the manager, as some of you might know the manager is running in beta on 1 of my servers and the creator writes the fules perfectly fine in the accounts file
  5. Thumps up for this Account Creator. I think it is a bit expensive, but definitely worth it.
  6. ok i have been watching this long enough. This is basically a huge Troll Topic, and you now start to insult people you know nothing about. Just as an information for you: Richard propably is going to be the biggest botfarm in europe (i dont know about Asia) i myself should be somewhere under the Top 5. Please insult people somewhere else, because this Topic is closed now. Regards, Monotono
  7. dont overdo it its already over for him anyways i guess
  8. hm maybe provide us some information first before posting nonsense? all VPS are up and running.
  9. Investing 10k? 250 keys = around 2500€ VPN Service = depends on what you are looking for usually 5 sessions per subscription (or u use nikolazz vpn software) ~ 100€ per month Server: Enough to handle 250 Keys which would total in around 3-5 Servers depending on what you buy. Dont forget the Electricity cost and the Bandwith you need. Your Power Provider will love you for doing this. Dont forget that you actually need someone to sell to which is not that easy in these times.
  10. push
  11. OK, so here is what i have to say: 1.) i am the admin of discord and i was not mocking you for anything since i was asleep. 2.) you talk about botting big but dont give any numbers, how do you expect anyone to tell you something? 3.) Support in Discord is support for FulcrumBot not for helping you with Babysteps into this business. And on top of it you would have read that in the Rules of the channel, but all i see is you getting in there and blurting out your questions. Is that what you guys get taught nowaydays in school? (Yes im in a bad mood) 4.) Botting big starts for me at around 1k Bots / Keys so i myself consider me as small. 5.) What are you about to invest? Kind Regards, Monotono
  12. For EUW dont worry about vpn until you reach 5 accounts per ip. NA is a different storry.
  13. and still it was not the "admin" on discord who wanted intercourse with your mother. It was a moderator. And yes, dont take everything to serious. God this is to early for me.
  14. everything is fine with namonbots. Its still up and running. We had a VPN issue so all VPS got a new ip (not a problem the bots still run) will handle that tonight and will setup your vps. Kind Regards, Monotono