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  1. Fallout 76 Atoms A group of Fallout 76 players recently got stuck in a locked and unfinished vault within the game. This is just one issue in a sea of other problems that have plagued the title since it released in November 2018. The MMORPG expanded the concept of settlements introduced in Fallout 4 and gives players the ability to build bases all over its map. Also players can change specific areas of the game world by using nuclear weapons to irradiate regions and turn up rare enemies weapons and loot. Bethesda has sent the banhammer crashing down on players getting into areas they weren't supposed to in the past - including a developer room containing all the items in the game - and this is the reason why some fans are reluctant to investigate or even try to make their way inside. A new Fallout 76 issue recently allowed a group of players to travel to buy FO76 Capsa sealed unfinished vault Vault 63. According to Redditor McStaken those players were engaged in a Rad-Rat Horde event when they were transported to Vault 63. They managed to participate in an event there but then got stuck and couldn't get out. Fortunately they could use Fast Travel to escape. Initially the players were concerned about a ban as players recently got kicked out of the game for exploiting a bug that allowed travel to a secret dev room. This time though access to the unfinished vault was an accident and after the group reported it to Bethesda their accounts remained intact. Indeed vaults are part of the ongoing plans for 2019 that Bethesda has already outlined including the upcoming Survival Mode and PvE content to spice things up a bit. As for what Vault 63 contains though that's a mystery that we'll have to save for another time. For more tips and tricks follow 5mmo.com on its networks!If you have need on 5mmo.com remember the 5mmocom coupon code 5% discount
  2. Ark CD Keys It may not be wrong to say that these days for gamers there is no more powerful and comprehensive service than Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service. Microsoft which created the service decided to make it available to its audience like Netflix a large collection of famous and unpublished works until today and with the monthly update of the GIMPS service almost to this end. Ever wanted to run around on a mysterious futuristic island full of giant dinosaurs? Cool we thought so too. Which is why we’re bringing Ark: Survival Evolved to Xbox Game Pass in January. You’ll have to craft hunt and survive against not only the ferocious local wildlife but the hundreds of other players as well all in the hopes of escaping the shores of this deadly island. Xbox subscribers now can download and experience buy Ark: Survival Evolved Account Life-Strange 2: Episode 1 and ARK: Survival Evolved games. Another SIX new games added to Xbox Game Pass. Ark: Survival Evolved Life Is Strange Series 2 Episode 1 Just Cause 3 Aftercharge Farming Simulator 17 and Absolver Downfall have all been added to the subscription service that just becomes better value for money every month. Xbox have also promised more additions will be announced for January in the coming weeks. For more tips and tricks follow 5mmo.com on its networks!If you have need on 5mmo.com remember the wmm coupon code 5% discount a
  3. Ark CD Keys Atlas - a new pirate MMO released in early access on December 22. It started badly - players complain about bugs and poor optimization Steam estimates are mostly negative. In addition the game found a menu from Ark: Survival Evolved which causes doubts in the developers. However the community believes that ATLAS was originally planned as additional content for ARK: Survival Evolved. Also it is stated that the pirate MMO is a simple reskin of the survival title.To access the hidden menu the players used a control. They just slipped to the bottom of the ATLAS main menu to show a screen with ARK options. Below you can see what it looks like: Some write that the clock can not connect to the server.buy Ark Accounts Others who managed to log in complain about bugs glitches and poor balance. Resources were too scattered around the dangerous world and therefore one of the players for 36 hours could boast only a small raft. ATLAS will receive little by little more content and updates that solve their most frequent problems. The players found problems with the servers and with the overall performance of the game.Only time will tell if Grapeshot Games manages to improve ATLAS afloat. The title is now available in Steam Early Access. Go to this link to know a little more about him. For more news and any further discussions including Ark CD Keys that you are looking for everything is 5mmo.com,If you need it at 5mmo.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom before you buy it which will give you a 5% discount.
  4. Fallout 76 Atoms The 2019 of Fallout 76 begins with peace without any nuclear bomb dropped ... unfortunately this serenity was caused by a bug. The company promises new quests buy FO76 Caps weekly in-game events the opening of new Vault new PvP modes and very intriguing element the ability to manage their own store. One of the game components usually assigned by the NPCs in practice will be assigned to the players themselves. For the uninitiated the end-game of Fallout 76 is to track down nuclear codes to drop a bomb into the game map. These codes should change every week to keep everything fresh and interesting for each player. Unfortunately a technical problem has prevented players from accessing this week's nuclear launch codes. Of course users of Fallout 76 expect much more news from the game than the simple resolution of a bug: soon they should make their debut the stores created by the players along with a greater number of special events and other activities. For more news and any further discussions including Fallout 76 Atoms that you are looking for everything is 5mmo.com,If you need it at 5mmo.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom before you buy it which will give you a 5% discount.
  5. Fallout 76 Bottle Caps In recent days the creators of Fallout 76 have blocked accounts for several players who have used mods prepared by fans. However it turns out that they can get access to the game although in an unusual way. The poor situation in the recently created world Fallout 76 also affects the players themselves who are willingly breaking the rules set by the developers. Some time ago we mentioned the case of users insulting people encountered in the gam Initially the recipient of this email had doubts about its authenticity buy FO76 Caps but managed to confirm everything in a conversation with many other players who also got it. It must be admitted that Bethesda surprised the community and it is very positive in contrast to the past weeks hot for the studio. The idea of a dish thrown from the world of Fallout 76 to the chance of a possible return seems to be a very good step which will help to repair the reputation of the publisher's reputation. If on the other hand players break the rules once again the second chance will certainly not be and they must remember about it. The author of the recording admits that initially he had doubts about the authenticity of the e-mail. He claims however that on the internet he came across three users who received the message but he was able to talk to one. For more tips and tricks follow 5mmo.com on its networks!If you have need on 5mmo.com remember the 5mmocom coupon code 5% discount
  6. Fallout 76 Caps Bethesda's Fallout 76 online game has got its last update of the year. Fallout 76 has had some patches since launch to try to fix bugs and improve the player experience. But this task looks more and more like a Sisyphean rock with the appearance of a new glitch reported on Reddit by the user AvengedClayFoldX. The update mainly includes minor fixes and support for Korean language. From the point of view of gamers the key reforms are likely to be a correction to a problem that in certain circumstances caused the enemies' vulnerability to an explosion and a bug fixing bug. Studio has also revealed plans for Fallout 76's first year. The first update of the year around mid-Januarybuy Fallout 76 Atoms is about to include bug fixes. Fallout 76 is also telling the rest of the fight between players during the early fall. More details about PvP's titles have yet to be revealed but the studio promises some fun moments based on their internal stories. For more news and any further discussions including Fallout 76 Caps that you are looking for everything is 5mmo.com,If you need it at 5mmo.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom before you buy it which will give you a 5% discount.
  7. buy Survival Evolved CD Key Ark: Survival Evolved has just been released on Nintendo Switch but this port does not seem to have come out very well according to the YouTube Digital Foundry channel. The analysis carried out testifies how the title turns to one of the lowest resolutions for a video game of this generation with values that do not exceed 360p in docked mode and that worse fall to the disappointing resolution of 304x170 pixels in portable mode. Also with regards to the graphic sector we see a clear downsizing of the visual experience offered by the PC and console counterparts even being outdone in comparison with the mobile version for iOS and Android systems. As we can see from the video the Switch version of Ark has been downgraded buy Ark Accounts to far-fetched with blurred views defective textures and lights and continuous pop-ups both in portable and TV mode. The best offers for your Christmas Gifts 2018: videogames consoles hi-tech smartphones PC Gaming 4K TV and many other products at a discounted price on Amazon for a dream Christmas at small prices. Just pay attention to 5mmo.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom you have a 5% discount for all games
  8. Fallout 76 Caps Obsidian Entertainment revealed their new title at The Game Awards The Outer Worlds. And judging from the trailer The Outer Worlds looks a lot like a Fallout game. At The Game Awards 2018 Obsidian Entertainment made waves by announcing a new single-player RPG called The Outer Worlds. As the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas which many regard as one of if not the best Fallout game in series’ history it was always going to be of interest to Fallout fans. However one feature in particular really has Fallout fans feeling excited. And it looks great. The Outer Worlds is coming to PC Xbox One and yes buy FO76 CapsPS4 despite the fact that Microsoft purchased Obsidian this year. Microsoft has agreed to honour Obsidian’s original contract with Private Division. The Outer Worlds‘ outer space setting means that it may not be a Fallout game when it comes to any lore similarities but the game is from the developer of Fallout: New Vegas as well as Feargus Urquhart and Tim Cain the directors of the original Fallout. This means that The Outer Worlds should appeal well to fans hankering for a Fallout-style single-player RPG experience to sink their teeth into. The response to the dialogue system screenshot at least confirms that it is succeeding on that front. Just pay attention to 5mmo.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom you have a 5% discount for all games
  9. buy Ark Season Pass CDK Today November 30 comes Ark: Survival Evolved to Nintendo Switch after having been a very popular title in recent years. A survival adventure with dinosaurs that thanks to the Youtube channel ContraNetwork we can see what it looks like: Studio Wildcard confirmed at the end of October that the game ARK: Survival Evolved will be launched on Nintendo Switch as of November 30 2018. We discover today a first video of the game that is quite scary. Unlike a brilliant recent conversion like Warframe for Switch run by Panic Button Ark: Survival Evolved does not seem to look too good an adventure that has always had performance problems in previous appearances. ARK on Switch includes all the contents of ARK Island including more than 100 creatures inspired by prehistory and fantasy Ark: Survival Evolved Account such as T-Rex Giganotosaurus Direwolf and Yeti. Failed on a mysterious prehistoric island you have to explore its vast environments. You will need to hunt harvest make tools grow crops and even build shelters to survive. Use cunning and skill to kill tame breed and even ride dinosaurs and other primitive creatures living on the island of ARK. Upgrade your technology from primitive stone tools to T-Rex-mounted laser cannons teaming up with hundreds of online players or enjoying a solo Jurassic experience. For more tips and tricks follow 5mmo.com on its networks!If you have need on 5mmo.com remember the 5mmocom coupon code 5% discount
  10. buy FIFA 19 Account Although FUT is one of the most played fashions by FIFA 19 fans the EA Sports game presents a wonderful career mode in which to take a team by hand and drive it to the top of the world. But have you ever wondered what is the best team to start it? The important thing is to take into account the funds available to the team the average age and the potential level of young people present in pink. We talked about the ninth week of the EASports feature a very special feature related to FIFA 19. The goal is to create a training based on your needs and to make a clear choice based on competitions around the world. This time against the developers are the German Marco Reus the Spanish David Silva and the Uruguay PSG cheap FIFA 19 Account Edinson Cavani. It is no coincidence that the best teams in the long run are certainly not those of the very first class. Forget the Scudetto fight Cristiano Ronaldo and Lorenzo Insigne and focus on those a little lower in the standings. Milan for example is a great choice: many young people and a budget of 52 million. In the long run the various Donnarumma Cutrone Calabria Caldara and Romagnoli could give you some really bad satisfaction ... If you prefer abroad the best choices are clubs like Fulham Wolverampton Hamburg Leipzig Ajax Lyon and Benfica ... However compared to the Italian league on average they have a higher budget (especially for the English and German companies ) that makes it easier to climb. So if you like challenges be ready to dress up with rossonero or neroverde! Just pay attention to mmocs.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom you have a 5% discount for all games
  11. cheap fifa 19 coins Timed Finishing? Frankly there is no great trace: it must be a remarkable effort to put it into action it seems more a feature of Pro Player. If you feel uncomfortable accustomed to adding oddities that could cripple a fluid action better avoid. FIFA 19 is deep detailed: try it alone to believe FIFA 19 is in some ways a mature game: it is preferred as always because it accompanies the player step by step for years. Sometimes he throws it forward into a new world: the arrival of Frostbite for example has been a kind of shock. A flight to the top. The increasingly accentuated physicality the details are part of a subsequent accompaniment a flutter. FIFA 19 is not like other games: it is a kind of long-standing friendship. The solitary player has no way to elaborate on FUT he plays "Il Viaggio" in February-March when the ecstasy has slowed down a bit fut 19 coins for sale and he needs new inspiration. But there is one fact: the solitary player has long tried FIFA 19 before writing it. Contemplation of details this is the key word. In this edition if you do not focus on the details you waste time. Pleasure is in the details. For more tips and tricks follow 5mmo.com on its networks!If you need it at 5mmo.com remember the 5mmocom coupon code 5% discount fifa 19 coins online