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  1. agreed, any kind of new AI will do for a while but will end up getting detected again. Well at least it seems like they detect the AI somehow I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kind of machinelearning AI on their own that they feed known botted account's games into so it learns to detect new bots or something. Would explain why the banrate is so high and why switching to COOP AI temporarily fixed the bans.
  2. Bump, added new accounts in stock.
  3. I had similar issues due to a slow hdd, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Are you sure that the lag isn't caused because you remotely connect to the server? I guess you would have noticed that the host OS would also be slower but just asking to be sure
  4. Just open the right file in Visual Studio and it should open everything and compile just fine.
  5. While stock lasts, accounts were fully leveled in COOP. Autobuy: https://selly.gg/p/09190144
  6. No fix is needed for the AI as long as the accounts level and we're not getting a lot of bans. I would rather have him fix ARAM: more IP As for the stability problems, yes, everyone seems to be having issues lately that should get fixed.
  7. 15 in stock 5 Euro per account 75 Euro for all
  8. Proof it, and what do you mean by detecting the AI? Gameplay wise or the process/injection?
  9. I doubt that they detect the AI.
  10. Yes, they will most likely be banned anyway. If they don't get banned just wait for the "safe version" and then continue botting. We're as good as 100% sure that they detect something with the lolclient emulation so once that's fixed I'm pretty sure that the high banrate on servers like EUW/EUNE will be gone. I'm not sure about other servers that had higher banrates prior to EU servers tho.
  11. Do you have a website with a domain and customers (which is already ranked on Google)? Or are you offering to make a new website?
  12. Okay, a bot had 1 lpq game left so I decided to play it. I made a list of issues. Terrible: - Waiting on the same spot (let them walk around and if you let them wait on a spot do it on a random spot not all on the same one) - Mid game the bots on my team decided that there was something invisible that they should use their spells on. (kept doing it for a while until the enemies walked to them) - Why do they all stay in spawn when the game starts? (walk to the turret and then let them walk around the turret) Bad: - They don't do anything when a turret is being attacked (same as the waiting on the same spot point, like if you don't want to fix this at least fix the waiting spot thing) - Turret dive and die because they don't run when the turret targets them - Random suicide moments when they 1v3, 1v3, 2v4, 2v5 or even 1v5. Good: - They play decent, if the terrible things would be fixed most people wouldn't notice that they are bots.
  13. It works according to Fluffy and namonbots also use it.
  14. I'm currently leveling an account with RP on it, is there a way to stop the bot from buying an xp boost? Or does it not do that anymore?
  15. Is anything related to carding/cracking/hacking allowed here? As that's the only way OP's method can work.