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Found 19 results

  1. All the accounts are High Quality and not some randoms accounts! HQ accounts with 3+ Months to 1+years of inactivity! Once you've the login information, they're yours and only yours! No one will randomly login your account! Regions: EUW, EUNE, TR, BR, RU, LAN, LAS, NA We also offer botted Accounts for NA & EUW! Price list: From 20 Champions to 39 = 1.99€ From 40 Champions to 59 = 3.39€ From 60 Champions to 69 = 3.99€ From 70 Champions to 79 = 4.79€ From 80 Champions to 89 = 5,69€ From 90 Champions to 99 = 6,49€ From 100 Champions to 109 = 7,39€ From 110 Champions to 119 = 7.99€ From 120 Champions to 139 = 8,99€ Active accounts for banning times between 20-137 champions = 0,99€ Automated Shop: https://selly.gg/u/DivineMarket/groups You can find Ranked accounts such as Bronze, Gold, Platinum and rarely Diamonds. Please join our Discord server to keep yourself updated with our giveaways, discounts codes and much more! Are you looking for something more specific or unverified accounts? Contact me on Discord! Discord: Dödösky#8314 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UC3Ht6P __________ FAQ: - All accounts are without email access. - You can't change pass. - You can't buy RP. - We only offer replacements, no refunds. - All accounts are sold only one time. Warranty: 7Days from purchase(No replacements for scripting bans) Terms of Service You automatically agree to the following terms: "I am buying a virtual item and will not send unauthorized transaction, dispute, claim or anything related. I have received my virtual item, therefore I am not eligible to retrieve my money sent." upon purchase. Special discounts for bulk purchases. Payment methods: Paypal, ETH, BTC Discord: Dödösky#8314 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UC3Ht6P Automated Shop: https://selly.gg/u/DivineMarket/groups
  2. SELLING VERY CHEAP LEVEL 30+ ACCOUNTS FOR NA AND EUW. https://selly.gg/@huss0523 (HURRY, LOW STOCK!) RANK: UNRANKED FRESH MMR - PLATINUM RANDOM CHAMPIONS. (up to all champions) RANDOM SKINS (up to 120, legendary skins included) RANDOM BE & RP (up to 20k+ BE) RANDOM LEVEL (30+!)
  3. Information:-League of Legends Account: »NA Accounts »Level 30 | 20.000+ BE: »4.99€ No Warranty »5.99€ 7 Days Warranty »6.99€ 14 Days Warranty »7.99€ 1 Month Warranty »10.99€ Lifetime Warranty (Currently out of stock)»Level 40 | 30.000+ BE: »8.99€ No Warranty »9.99€ 7 Days Warranty »10.99€ 14 Days Warranty »11.99€ 1 Month Warrant »14.99€ Lifetime Warranty »Level 30 | 26 Champion Capsules: »4.99€ No Warranty »5.99€ 7 Days Warranty »6.99€ 14 Days Warranty »7.99€ 1 Month Warranty »10.99€ Lifetime Warranty (Currently out of stock)»Level 40 | 36 Champion Capsules: »8.99€ No Warranty »9.99€ 7 Days Warranty »10.99€ 14 Days Warranty »11.99€ 1 Month Warrant »14.99€ Lifetime Warranty »Server NA»Premium Chest»Unverified Email»14 days Warranty »Unranked»Fantasy Names»Botted AccountsSold actually: 1237 Accounts!Since 25.05.2017 Selly: https://selly.gg/u/Maiong Payment: Paypal | PaysafecardSkype: marc.anonymousDiscord: Maiong#6288
  4. We offer free 14-day warranty in case of ban. We sell safe acounts after 6 months of production without LPQs for 1+ years. You can purchase directly from our Rocketr links with your Paypal account safely and quickly. www.baronservices.eu | sales@baronservices.eu | www.facebook.com/OfficialBaronServices | ►►► Updated ● 21/03/2018 ◄◄◄ 20.000+ BE 20.000+ BE Smurfs Rocketr Links EUNE (4) - € 7.99 https://rocketr.net/buy/1ac5147ba971 EUW (4) - € 7.99 https://rocketr.net/buy/1261e9b37a93 NA (8) - € 9.99 https://rocketr.net/buy/46037132973f 30.000+ BE 30.000+ BE Smurfs Rocketr Links EUNE (4) - € 14.99 https://rocketr.net/buy/3d23d68ab1cb EUW (5) - € 17.99 https://rocketr.net/buy/1c7e55025a7b NA (4) - € 19.99 https://rocketr.net/buy/7f428ac49dce For any problems or feedback, feel free to PM, email or Skype to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible. BaronServices.
  5. Product Description Region - NA Lvl 30+ - Unranked 26 Capsules Riot Points - 0 Chest - Hextech Chest+Key Rune Pages - 2 Champions & Skins - None Unverified email Warranty - 7 Days of warranty against Permanently Ban None Dodge/LPQ https://selly.gg/@WoWce ‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗ Discord: https://discord.gg/eseaVhd
  6. Welcome to High Ground's League of Legends Account Shop Need discount? Contact me while supplies last for a deal just for you! Comes with: 14 day Warranty, 100% for bot (does not cover toxic or scripting) Quick & Instant Delivery, emailed to you Awesome Service, questions -> Skype: sellyourgold.support Trusted, safe low ban rate NA Region: $8.00 while in stock, price may rise later, buy now while it's cheap 20k: https://selly.gg/p/9d7d78bf (only limited pieces left in stock!!!) 30k: out of stock EUW Region: 20k: out of stock 30k: out of stock EUNE Region: 20k: out of stock 30k: out of stock
  7. New seller looking to build reputation.Account Info: Server: NA Level: 30 Influence Points: 20,000+ Unopened hextech chests Unranked Unverified Instant delivery https://selly.gg/p/866efa01Skype: win25ston
  8. WEST https://selly.gg/p/ddaddf93 EUNE https://selly.gg/p/8e6418a0 All checked, can sell for half the price using BTC, dash, eth,monero or litecoin
  9. I'm trynna buy a diamond or high plat account, don't want to spend alot on it and it must be NA server hmu
  10. Small Bulk for EUW: - 20k ip - Unverified - Unranked - 14 days warrenty - 60€ * sold* Few NA Accounts: - 30k ip - Unverified - Unranked - 14 days warrenty - 7€ each * sold - will edit as soon as new one are aviable *
  11. Selling bulk NA Accounts with 20K IP. Dormant for 1-2 weeks, I provide 2 week warranty. Levelled w/ VPN. Stock left: 10 accounts. Add my Skype: moechong@outlook.com
  12. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/332165648678?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Account survived multiple NA ban waves + money back warranty if you have any additional problems. Cheers
  13. Level 30 Unranked Unverified 30 Day Warranty Botted on Dedicated Private IP Survived all recent banwaves Held for 2 weeks after leveling completion to ensure no ban is coming Instant Paypal E-mail Delivery TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK 20.000+ IP: $8 30.000+ IP: $12 Purchase: C0nsolesmurfs.com JUST USE COUPON CODE 'FULCRUM' AT CHECKOUT Terms: If you have any questions at all, feel free to add me on Skype or PM me here. Skype: live:c0nsoleyt Bulk Pricing is available if you are interested, simply message me here or add me on Skype.
  14. Buying NA account in bulks looking for long term supplier NA 20K IP - $5 NA 30K IP - $9 Please Pm here if interested. thanks
  15. No longer needed.
  16. Looking to regularly sell my accounts to a trusted reseller. Producing around 9-15 accounts per month (I would bot the regions you request me to do). Add me on skype : live:lereldismurfs or join the fulcrum disocrd server and send me a pm Lereldi#3390
  17. Hey guys I have 2 NA 20K +IP UNVERIFIED accounts up for sale. They're botted slowly and are alive since 16 january. They have fantasy names without numbers. price is 7.5€ an account or 13.5€ if you take both. Paypal only add me on skype : Dactyl0
  18. Hey there, As many of you know, there has been 2 NA banwaves these last 7 days and it has been terrible for us. In order to decrease the amount of risk in NA, i would like to create a fresh post about finding a great way of boting in NA. My way of leveling the accounts was this: - 16/8h - 2 Bots Each VM with private VPN - No crashes It's very hard to get an account to lvl 30 playing 16h a day, but it's harder to see that it doesn't matter how many time the account has been playing a day. I would like to know how you guys manage to prevent (if you do) this banwaves. Are you guys leaving the bots 12h only or what? It seems that i have nothing more to try more than leaving the bots only 12h a day or less... Thank you.
  19. [ NA ACCOUNTS NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW 17.000+ IP BUY HERE 20.000+ IP BUY HERE 30.000+ IP BUY HERE ADD ME ON SKYPE: If you need any information or you need help, please talk to me via skype and i will help you asap! Thank You!!