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    • fulcrumbot

      Key Randomizer Update #1   05/24/2017

      Update #1: Fixed a bug where keys were not being randomized after the initial randomization. I have recently received several requests for key changes. So instead of always doing it manually, I have implemented a way for users to do it themselves. http://fulcrumbot.com/key_randomizer.php  
    • fulcrumbot

      [WARNING] Beware License Resellers   01/18/2018

      Do not buy licenses from other users. You WILL be scammed.
    • AniviaSmurfs

      Beta Released   02/10/2018

      http://fulcrumbot.com/Latest/FulcrumBot.zip Enjoy unlimited sessions during beta testing. Instructions.txt includes: #1 Copy LogitechLed.dll and LogitechLed_orig.dll to the same directory as League of Legends.exe #2 Place accounts in accounts.txt, seperates can be : | or ,
      accounts.txt Example:
      username2:password2 #3 Go to the directory that has LeagueClient.exe, usually C:\Riot Games\League of Legends and copy this directory path to leagueClientPath.txt
      leagueClientPath.txt Example:
      C:\Riot Games\League of Legends #4 Start FulcrumBot.exe
      #5 ???
      #6 Profit IMPORTANT NOTES:
      All accounts must already have a summoner name
      Suicides down mid lane
      Buys boots then BF Swords
      Only COOP vs AI Beginner is played (Same XP as Intermediate)
      There is no version checking, when League of Legends updates, the AI will crash
      This beta version expires on February 24, 2018 and will no longer work
      Check daily for new beta releases
    • fulcrumbot

      Updated to   03/11/2018

      Updated to
      Make sure your League of Legends is up to date. EUW and OCE do not work.
      Close FulcrumBot.exe and reopen it to download the latest version.
      You may also download the latest version at  http://fulcrumbot.com/Latest/FulcrumBot.exe

      If a region or queue does not work, please wait for the  new beta version.


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As I said in the title, im selling a Plat 4 Jungle Main account, this account is a S8 Account, it has no ranked games in the previous seasons.
RANK: http://prntscr.com/iqrb5u

CHAMPS: http://prntscr.com/iqrbdb

SKINS+LOOT: http://prntscr.com/iqrbj9    http://prntscr.com/iqrbsu     http://prntscr.com/iqrbw7
YOUR SHOP: http://prntscr.com/iqs7jz

Im waiting for offers, PAYPAL only.
I can accept a BOTTED or HAND LEVELED LvL 30 EUW Account(It should come with warranity), unverified + Difference on PayPal or PayPal Only.
Let me know if you are interested in buying it.

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Wrong "Your Shop" screen.

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