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Battle for NHL 19 Stanley Cup with This Guide

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NHL 19 all-inclusive guide help every NHL 19 Ultimate Team mode players to earn what they want in the game, and all trophies that represent their identity and honor in the ice hockey video game.

There are two major changes to Faceoffs in NHL 19. They may seem minor at first glance, but the impact on faceoff strategy is significant. First,the backhand forehand faceoff switch is now removed in NHL 19. The backhand forehand switch was first introduced in NHL 18 last year. It created somewhat of a skill gap, because before the backhand forehand switch, if someone lined up on their backhand then the opposing player, if they knew what they were doing, would tie-up and win every faceoff. There was no way to counter a tie-up while lined up on your backhand. Next, there are two counter changes: Backhand stick lift now beats the tie-up and Forehand stick lift now beats the Backhand stick lift. Stanley Trophy alwasy rewarded to NHL 19 Playoff Champion, it's hard for new comers to earn it.

The classic faceoff system of pressing down is still there in the modern faceoff system, but even this has been updated. While pressing down on the RS you can aim the direction of the win with the LS, opening up different animations defending on the direction. Once you have enough puck, you can get your puck improved with stick. Buy NHL 19 Points is your choice, don't think it's unfair for other players - near 90% pro gamers buy points from 3rd party store, it's same difficult to success even in the video game, real money contributes.

Pressing down is not your only option,  you can also press up on the RS to shoot the puck down the ice. Anticipating the puck drop will help in successfully executing this type of draw win. However, understand that the success rate of this win is low. President's Trophy is set for most important person in NHL tournaments.

You can also hold the LB button while pressing up to dangle win the puck through the opponents legs.  This win was so successful and somewhat exploitative that EA dialed back its success rate.  Out of the box NHL 11, day 1 I like many others, discovered how effective doing this win and quickly passing cross crease for a tap in can be against both AI and human goalies.  Currently, the success rate is extremely low, and mostly when it is won it is usually because you are facing an opponent with very poor timing. You are not a potato, you should be confident and try your best to make goal.

By pressing the LS in any direction it initiates the clouse up tactic, holding the opposing center in the circle and giving your teammates an opening to come in and grab the puck.  You can use the RS as a modifier to this win, altering the tie up animation, and holding it longer.  It's not a good idea to make your inventory empty, when there's an profitable event that require some investment first, you will taste the bitter.

If you have a clear understanding of the basic controls and have found some success with them then its time to take it to the next level.

Every video game features a trade system, and at least one main currency - in NHL 19 it's puck, but puck isn't enough, there's also NHL Points PS4 for you. After doing that you will find there are two, dark red and dark blue, which are both the stick lift faceoff types. If you expect your opponent to do either stick lift, then do NOT attempt a basic forehand draw.

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