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Fallout 76, fixed the bug that prevented to launch the atomic ones

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Fallout 76 Atoms The 2019 of Fallout 76 begins with peace without any nuclear bomb dropped ... unfortunately this serenity was caused by a bug.

The company promises new quests buy FO76 Caps weekly in-game events the opening of new Vault new PvP modes and very intriguing element the ability to manage their own store. One of the game components usually assigned by the NPCs in practice will be assigned to the players themselves.

For the uninitiated the end-game of Fallout 76 is to track down nuclear codes to drop a bomb into the game map. These codes should change every week to keep everything fresh and interesting for each player. Unfortunately a technical problem has prevented players from accessing this week's nuclear launch codes.

Of course users of Fallout 76 expect much more news from the game than the simple resolution of a bug: soon they should make their debut the stores created by the players along with a greater number of special events and other activities.

For more news and any further discussions including Fallout 76 Atoms that you are looking for everything is 5mmo.com,If you need it at 5mmo.com remember the coupon code 5mmocom before you buy it which will give you a 5% discount.

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