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Madden 19 Ultimate Team Strip Ball Guide for Entreprenant Gamers

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In order to explain how to strip the ball in Madden NFL 19, we managed to post this guide for you at the moment to help you to master the advanced skill in the American football simulative online game. But you can play the career mode in offline mode, you need to login to PSN on PS4 or Xbox Live on Xbox One as well. If you want to play Ultimate Team mode you need to access to EA Sports official server and update your game version before you initial a PvP competition. All players can be used to perform the So-called Strip the ball trick, or to force a fumble in MUT 19, here are some tips for you.


If You are left-handed

We always use both hands to use the keyboard, but when we are playing Madden 19 with controllers, things changed. Many Madden players assume that fumbles are random occurrences or fluke happenings. Good Madden players know better. Putting the right hit on the ball carrier to jar the ball loose and recovering the fumble don't just happen by accident. Forcing fumbles is an art form that relies on timing and attention to detail rather than luck. If you feel uncomfortable when using controllers, one of the reason may be you are not adapted to the controller, the other reason shall be you are used to use keyboard to play gamers, especially on computer. Just hold on your PS4 or xbox controller, press triangle button to sprint for a distance, when you are closing to your tacklers, hold on the square button to perform a spin move and then swiftly press R1 and triangle twice to make a successful Strip The Ball trick.

EA Sports has used Madden series games to predict every Super Bowl game since ten years ago. While the simulation is never accurate on the exact score or match results, the simulations have come away with a pretty solid record of success in predicting the final winner by team average overall rating. Violence in Madden NFL 19 is prohibited, but to scratch ball from opponents is a kind of violent action itself. Using the hit stick or a dive tackle on a player with the ball exposed will both force the fumble and take the ball carrier out of the battle for the recovery. Using the hit stick is an aggressive tactic that risks a missed tackle, but forcing that one fumble makes the risk worth the reward. It’s said that the trick’s control will be revamped after the update, but you can also write to us for a latest Madden 19 Guide.


If you are right-handed

It’s no difference with left-handed, because most of people are used to use their right hand to do heavy jobs. Quarterbacks are notorious for putting the ball on the ground when they are pressured. We Pointssale.com also sell Cheap Madden 19 Points for PS4 and Xbox One, if you follow us we can give you huge discount. Learning the art of forcing fumbles puts your team in the driver seat in head-to-head matches of all types. Emphasis on forcing fumbles will elevate any defense. Practicing the proper technique to rip the ball from the arms of ball carriers pays dividends in the form of stopping the drives of opponents and creating starting field position for your own offense. Occasionally, you can perform a scoop and score that earns instant points.

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