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NBA 2K19 new challenge which awards you 12,000 MyTeam Points for completion

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Behind the Tracy McGrady card from the same set, this might be my favorite of the CNY series. At 6'3" Stephon Marbury is a little small for some of the more gigantic lineups, but he's definitely not diminutive. The new challenge which awards you 12,000 MyTeam Points for completion, charges you with beating a team filled with Pink Diamond Steph Curry. These players tend to have high capabilities and records during their starting years in either high school or college, and are looking to prove they can do the same thing against the best in the world. But, as all things go, some are not as good as they seem. Since being traded by the Minnesota Timberwolves last year, LaVine seemed to be struggling as a Bull. But that is not the case this season with the 13th overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft upping his numbers as of late. It's not just about dunking; the Diamond Diallo attributes are impressive overall. While the driving and contact dunk ratings are predictably maxed out at 99, the three-point shooting numbers are also decent.

It has an 80 open-shot three, 78 on contested and 75 off-the-dribble threes. The ball control is an 88 and the passing accuracy is at an 85. Perhaps the most devastating ratings relate to speed. Also, all of his three-point ratings are 92 or higher and he has a driving dunk rating of 85, which helps to alleviate one concern with his height. You don't just have to beat them, you also have to break Curry single game record of 13 threes made with one of your players. The difficulty level for the challenge is set to All-Star. 

We will cover the overall positional average of the players as NBA 2K19 has given them, the top three rookies from each position, and the overall grade we would give that position as a whole. Keep in mind, these are listed off of the top rated players from the draft, and not necessarily the total of rookies coming into the competition. For this month alone, LaVine has been averaging 29.8 points for the Bulls. Based on the latest NBA 2K19 player rating update, his player rating jumped from 86 to 88 (+2).

The DD comes through with a 97 in speed and accelerating and an 88 in speed with the ball. If you group those speed numbers with the elevated finishing attributes, you now have one of the most devastating finishers on the MyTeam market. This Marbury card can finish, and that's important. You will break some ankles with this card, thanks to the 98 ball control and 96 speed. I'd never played a MyTeam Unlimited game and intentionally tried to drain that many threes with one player. If you want to learn more about NBA 2K19, welcome to pointssale.com which is a professional NBA 2K VC online store.


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